Dallas, the Anti-Trump City

By about 2 to 1, Dallasites voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. That is, 459,000 Dallasites voted for Hillary and 262,000 voted for Trump, according to official polls. All major cities in Texas voted against Trump, too. So how did Trump win all of Texas last November?

The same reason he won the electoral college: Sparsely-populated rural areas that are over-represented in congress. Not only did 459,000 Dallasites vote for Hillary, 24,000 Dallasites voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson.  6,000 voted for the Green Party’s Jill Stein. As in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and El Paso, the “please, no Trump” ticket carried the vote easily. All of Texas’ major cities chose anyone but Trump in the big election of 2016. Trump was the least-liked in all Texas’ cities.


As well, Hillary won the national popular vote overwhelmingly by almost 3 million votes — a record number, by anyone’s standards. But Trump won the electoral college. The electoral college favors rural, sparsely populated areas. And rural counties carried the day in Texas, too.

Most of Texas, in fact, is comprised of rural counties — broad stretches of farmland with few people inhabiting them. It’s incredibly important real estate: the people that work this land are the backbone of American agriculture.

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