When Dallas Skaters Ruled The World – Grave City looks back

Thrasher Magazine has given Grave City access to its archives. Thrasher called Dallas’ triple threat of 80s skaters “the Dallasonians” – John Gibson, Jeff Phillips, and Craig Johnson. Grave City has already covered Dallas’ own Zorlac Skateboards in a previous post. Stay tuned….





Part 1 coming soon…

In the meantime, check this out.


Zorlac in Dallas: Skating’s Doomiest Brand – the Grave City Photo Essay

In the late 70s and 1980s, Dallas was home to skateboarding’s punkest company: Zorlac. Jeff Newton started Zorlac Skateboards in Dallas in 1976, the same year — appropriately — that punk rock was making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. The early art and advertisements of Zorlac are creepy and classic; some of the best examples are presented in this photo essay of this punk-era Dallas institution.



Newton’s Dallas company was poised for success when skating’s popularity rebounded by the mid-1980s from a late 70s lull: He had the help of bands like the Big Boys and even Metallica, and enlisted the unique psychedelic-doomy-gothic-stoner-punk-rock artistic talents of Brian Schroeder, aka Pushead, himself the frontman of Septic Death and a music critic for Thrasher Magazine (and thus sort of an inside man for the brand).

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