Dallas in 1960

This fantastic photo of Dallas from I-35 was taken in 1960 and comes courtesy of the always-excellent “Traces of Texas” Facebook page



Them Are Us Too – the Grave City Interview

Them Are Us Too will be playing tonight (Wed, July 20) at Mutant Wave at RBC, the subject of a previous feature here on Grave City. The duo are often referred to as a darkwave music project, and although TAUT were originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the members, Kennedy, recently located to North Texas. This makes them a unique kind of California-meets-Texas project, for the moment — and below I got to ask the pair behind this band about where they consider their geographic home to be.

A quick personal aside: On the heels of their well received 2015 Dais debut LP, Remain, I had the honor of booking their first gig in Dallas at the Crown and Harp in May, 2015. (Video of that show is here.) Then, as now, the band delivered a stellar performance. Kennedy and Cash are incredibly modest and open people, a joy to be around, artists to the core in the best sense of that word, and their combined musical talent is of no mean proportion; this is evident both in Cash’s lush guitar work and in Kennedy’s deft handling of the synths, the two ably weaving an intoxicating and otherworldly spell with their magickal musickal summonings.


Remain was an incredibly strong showing for a first album, with knockout singles like “Eudaemonia” and “The Trouble with Red Heads” (see videos below) although my personal favorite track off that LP is “Creepy Love.” The band has rightfully garnered comparisons to Cocteau Twins and other seminal early 80s British dark postpunk artists, and there’s some ethereal/dreampop type stuff in there that can put one in the mind of The Cranes or old Projekt Records bands.

Below, I asked Cash and Kennedy about their music, where they think it all fits into the big scheme of things — about what motivates their songwriting, if there’s a political impetus to their creativity, and what their thoughts on the current scene both in Texas and in California are. (Also, the band have a tour coming up and going on now — see those dates below as well!)

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